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Wish to see what dreams in reality looks like? Step in!

Laminate Hub builds on its pride of a futuristic vision, with national brands and their exquisite line of products we unravel a world full of possibilities.

Wood laminates, PVC laminates, veneer products, acrylic sheets, groove and charcoal product lines provided all under one roof, makes the company of families ready to make your space and your life a statement of balance, the balance of worldly and heavenly, the balance of global interior designing and your personal taste, the balance of technology and aura.

Laminate Hub has been in business since a decade now, with 19/1/2006 being its establishment date, the company has been trading in the field of laminates with great dedication and honesty. We plan to expand and to grow more in the coming years, we wish to bring to our customers a world of choices right under their feet!


Brands Managed By Us

We are proud distributors for reputed and renowned brands which are listed below, with a varied range of product lines we gather together a wide range of brand names known in the world of laminates to be qualitatively update and technologically advanced! We trade in only the best!


Types of Products


A varied range of finesses with pure wood being a warrior of eternity produces line of wood laminates which are a balance of beauty and strength, which builds together a space which is more than just interior designing, it is an experience.


Charcoal product line is a modern solution to economic requirements for interior designing, with its path breaking design and flexible price ranges, charcoal products provide with a smart and sharp solution to all kinds of modern contemporary interior designing requirements.


Groove product lines are referred to as highlighter range of products, which are meant to be included in interior to add to the furniture an edge of beauty and strength. In accordance to the present scenario of interior designing, groove product lines are treated as more than just highlighters, they are the protagonists.


PVC is known to be an economic alternative for consumption, PVC laminates provided by Laminate Hub includes a wide variety of choices of finesse, colors and patterns that bring together a piece of art that is easily accessible and is ready to make your space a modern infrastructure with a vibe of courtly beauty.


Acrylic sheets are pieces of art, with its sleek design and urban shade cards, the pastel and the glossy shades of acrylic sheets provide your space with an aura of beauty, elegance and charm of youthful hip which is built to hold the eye and make an impact that stays for an eternity in the mind and in reality.

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A vision that gathers the worlds of interior designing

Welcome to the world of Laminate Hub. We are a family of distributors aspiring to make interior designing easy. We trade in laminate solutions, with a wide range of alternatives under the product lines of laminates, PVC laminates, veneer products, chracoal, highlighters and board laminates. 

A high-definition world of beauty creating realities more beautiful than the dreams we dreamt. Let's build together a bridge to tomorrow. 

Leading experts

Laminate Hub is a team of expertized vision.

Complex solutions

Solutions with precision and perfection.

Flexible prices

Economic price ranges have been a priority for the company.

Modern approach

Technologically advanced and qualitatively upgraded approach provides utmost possible customer satisfaction.


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